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Photo Gallery: dwill357 Photo Gallery: dwill357

In Chicago on the Big Couch
at a mall on the Navy Pier in March 08
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First trip to Chicago
truly a windy city. trust me
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my little ones having a good time
on the Landing at the Spaghetti Factory
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Danielle giving her speach at school
before being pinned
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Dee and Danielle at Mt. Pisgah
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my girls hanging at the Jones Park
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Uncle Clyde's tribute
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Danielle on her way to a school fundraiser
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WM 08 St Paul # 42
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Donald 2 and Donald 3
enjoying a good time at The Sphaghetti Factory on the Landing
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08 Scholarship banquet
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Donald and Monica
Enjoying a good time at Logans in Fairview Heights
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